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Poor Water Pressure?


Cona Contracting Inc. provides exceptional water, sewer and excavating services to Hamilton and its surrounding areas. Cona Contracting is fully Licensed, certified, and bonded with 35 years experience in the field of construction.  Contact us today for a free estimate .

Cona has more than 35 years experience so you know your work is in the hands of professionals. Our team will work quickly to determine the problem and then fix it with precision efficiency.

Call us today at 905-978-2828 or email us at info@conainc.com.


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- Installed Sewer repair
- Poor water pressure upgrade
- Excavation
- Bonded & Licensed
- 35 years experience

Contact a representative today for fast and reliable service.

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Fabrizio's Cell: 905.978.2828
Email: info@conainc.com





35 Years Experience
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